Ib Jespersgaard

Head of center
As chief and manager Ib Jespersgaard is the man behind VIFIN.

In addition to being responsible for the center management Ib is also responsible for the cooperation between VIFIN and the other departments in Vejle Municipality.

To Ib, great confidence in employees is a given thing. He is a visionary leader with an informal, straightforward and caring style of leadership, and the employees are given great responsibility for their work. 

Since the 1980s Ib has worked with teaching of bilinguals. Therefore, he has a thorough knowledge of education and training of not only bilingual children but also young people and adults. Ib has, among other things, a history as immigrant teacher, deputy head of one of the Danish Refugee Council's language schools, and Head of Development for the Education of Adult Immigrants. After many years of experience as project manager and as an expert evaluator for the EU in Brussels Ib has also acquired a solid knowledge of development projects and the award criteria which the EU operates with when assessing the individual project applications.

Ib has an MA in History of Ideas and Ethnography from Aarhus University and he has subsequently among others completed Adult Education Basic and General Management Course. He has a large family with children and grandchildren and he is always ready to lend a helping hand. Ib is a handyman at heart and he usually always has one or more do-it-yourself projects underway including the renovation of his old mill on Mols.

Contact Information
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Phone  +45 2175 2434

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